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Nola Garrett, a newly retired aeronautical engineer, is looking for a new adventure.

This was a difficult book to put down, and is one of those that has “stuck with me”. For those who prefer a good story with their sex, this is an excellent book to pick up. Enjoy it today!
The Kitchen God’s Girlfriend

Lucy Caswell successful food writer, and former top chef, has been hearing rumors about a phenomenal Pan-Asian chef cooking in a homeless shelter soup kitchen. Sensing a great story she tracks him down. Unfortunately, the chef, Zhang will only tell her his story if she agrees to cook in the soup kitchen with him for one week. In Zhang’s kitchen Lucy finds her passion for cooking rekindled. And in Zhang’s bed she finds her passion for everything renewed. But will she still be able to love him when all the secrets of his past are revealed?

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In this erotic romance, Nola Garrett, a fifty-something, retired aeronautics designer, moves into her magnificent condominium next door to Him, Amon, the sexiest man she has ever seen? Amon makes it clear, from their first meeting that he wants her. But she’s afraid. Letting go of fear opens Nola’s life to perfect sex and eternal love, because Amon is actually the Egyptian god of sex and fertility and he has loved Nola and made love to her through the ages.

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Serving Serena

In this sexy romance novel, fifty-something Serena Davies goes to an island retreat. Assigned to assist her is a gorgeous, sexy, thirty-something hard body named Anteros. Anteros plans to fulfill her every desire. Serena knows an older woman with a younger man is asking for trouble. Still she can’t resist Anteros pull. He’s not just any gorgeous Greek, he’s the Greek god of requited love and he wants to serve Serena.

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  • "The basic story is a lovely erotic romance, not just sexual exploits. Admittedly, the monk serving her at the secluded artist's retreat is the hottest thing Serena has seen in awhile, and the Catholic confusion and angst that follows is a little amusing. Fortunately, it's also dispelled rather quickly. "

    - LAS Reviewer

    "This was a good read. Not the type of book I would normaly read but a friend recomend it and now I am recomending it to you. "

    - James E. Hamilton

    "Serena Davies, unrepentant hippie, has a major case of artist’s block. She also has a deadline for the showing of a lifetime. She’s been told the island monastery retreat at St. Catherine of Bologna can work wonders for artists in need of inspiration."

    - Iris

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Candice Butler, a woman of a certain age, is a former investigator. She is a member of Romance Writers of America and its Passionate Ink chapter. She lives and writes in Seattle, Washington, and in her house by the Pacific, with her husband and one cat. She created the Oh My Gods Series. "Because we are never too old for passion." To learn more about Candice and find more books visit

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The Kitchen God's Girlfriend to be released on February 14th


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